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0008596Dwarf FortressTypos/Grammarpublic2014-12-02 10:552014-12-30 11:57
Toady One 
Windows 8
0008596: 'empty announcement ###' error list
Known ones:


130 (in association with army camps)
Since I asked about the 'empty announcement 205' on the FotF thread, Toady One said that a list of them would be helpful. If anybody spots one in the errorlog, just post a note.

[quote author=Toady One link=topic=140544.msg5847106#msg5847106 date=1417500777]
(note on "empty announcement #" logs -- I would expect a few of these, since I had to hit a ton of announcements with the recent changes. They are as easy to fix as typos, but collecting the numbers somewhere would be helpful.)
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Toady One   
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I've resolved these for 0.40.24. Feel free to re-report if some more numbers come up.