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0008610: Wagons catch fire when crossing bridge over lava.
I have a bridge 5x10 over an 8 tile wide moat filling with magma. The bridge is right in front of my depot.
Traders arrived and their wagon caught fire and unloaded a bunch of burnt goods into my depot after igniting all the booze I was about to trade.

I will wait till next year and post a reply to see if it was just one wagon or the lot of them.
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duplicate of 0008917acknowledged lethosor Wagon pullers moved through walls when wagon is going up a ramp 
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what I think happened is as the wagon went up a ramp adjacent to my moat the wagon's "hitbox" was inside the ramp wall placing it next to the lava causing it to ignite.
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Looking at this again, if what you described in the above comment is the issue, it's the same as 0008917. I'm marking it as a duplicate (even though this one's older, that one is probably the actual issue here). Feel free to reopen or PM me/a manager on the forums if you can rule out the ramps being the cause, though.