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0008672Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2014-12-27 13:432015-01-03 18:21
Toady One 
0008672: Dwarves with permanent injuries inevitably spiral into depression
Early on in my fort I had an undead siege. Over the course of dealing with this siege, one of my dwarves got nerve damage in one leg and the other foot, rendering him paralyzed. Over the next few years, I noticed that the thought that he was hopeless after sustaining a major injury never went away, and from what others have mentioned, this major negative thought repeats each season, each week, or even more often.

Despite having a personal room, good meals, a legendary hall, and no other sources of negative thoughts really, he has descended over several years to 'stressed' and then to 'haggared' and started throwing tantrums. Over the course of several tantrums, he managed to punch two other dwarves in their ribs, sending a piece of rib into the lung.

Each of these dwarves is now repetitively getting 'shaken by a major injury' thoughts, and at least one of them has succumbed to stress. Another dwarf lost the use of an arm in a separate zombie fight and has been constantly yelling at the mayor, and stressed.
Get a dwarf or dwarves injured by some means until they have nerve or organ injuries that don't go away.

Observe their thoughts over several years of game time. Dwarf Therapist may give more specific readings.

In the forums we were unclear whether this was intended, or a bug, but if it is intended it should probably be adjusted to make the spiral into insanity less inevitable. I don't want to feel like smashing injured dwarves under a bridge or locking them in a room forever is the only solution, but as currently set up, any dwarf with permanent injury is a ticking time bomb that can't be defused.
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Save with the issue. http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=10344 [^]

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I've had this happen as well, with only a nerve-damage injury to both legs that impaired (but didn't prevent) walking. The dwarves seem to think that the injury is constantly happening to them rather than being a single event.