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0008707Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2015-01-07 21:122015-01-08 06:09
0008707: Fire Imp floats through walls.
Fire imps can get into the fortress straight through solid natural rock walls without ever even have breached the magma sea.

I've actually had this problem come up a few times, and it applies to all subterranean creatures it seems. A few times, I've completely sealed off my stairwell and had creatures appear inside of it, with no possible way they could have entered. Especially annoying in the case of a cave crocodile that killed off a few dwarves.

Now I just had it happen again and I know for a fact they are pathing through walls because I just so happened to be looking for the magma sea at the very bottom of the map and had not breached it yet when a fire imp appeared at the bottom of my stairwell while I was watching.
Take a bunch of miners and food/drink, just dig straight down until you find warm stone, dig around it without breaching, and wait for something to appear.
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duplicate of 0008383resolved Toady One Flying/swimming/climbing creatures can move vertically through diagonal gaps containing down-stairways 
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Movement was reported via two-level diagonal path in 0007130 and 0008383. Can that be your case too?

Can you upload your zipped region that reproduces the problem (fire imp has just been found/will soon appear in seemingly enclosed stairwell near magma sea layer) to http://dffd.wimbli.com/, [^] please, and post link to that save file here?

Also, which version of game (0.40.something?) and for which platform (Windows, Linux, Mac?) are you using? Any mods installed?
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Yep, you're absolutely right, he spawned right where it connects by diagonal, and I'm using the absolute newest version completely vanilla. I will hunt down the save (I've got like 30 of them now so it will take a bit) if you still think it's necessary.

2015-01-08 06:08   
IMO 0008333 seems to be the right spot for that save then; it is missing one now. I would say, let's close this report as a duplicate of 8333, post a link to your uploaded region to 8333 and change the description of 8333 so it is "not only flying/swimming creatures but also climbing ones" after recent updates.

We reporters are unable to do such changes but some manager will surely appear soon.
2015-01-08 06:09   
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If you upload a save, please post it at 0008383. I don't know if a save is needed for this one, though.