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0008738Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Invasionspublic2015-01-13 11:472018-10-17 15:31
0008738: Separated enemy squad stalls out
If a squad of invaders is separated from each other and have no path to each other, they just stand around until they eventually leave.
1. Create bridge-a-pult on a river
2. Bridge-a-pult part of a siege squad to the opposite side of the river
3. Watch
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related to 0001598resolved Toady One Enemy squads will never abandon their caged leader 
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2015-01-13 14:31   
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Does "separated from each other" mean "separated from the leader", or does separating a non-leader still cause the leader to stand around?

Possibly a simpler way to put it: does the leader ever stand around?

2015-01-14 14:09   
I'm pretty sure that separating anyone causes everyone to stand around, but it's possible that, by chance, every time I've separated someone it's been the leader.
2018-10-17 15:31   
I just encountered this issue as well, when using a retracting bridge to drop invaders into a drowning pit trap. Whenever a squad leader fell in and became separated from their squad, the others behind them stopped dead and wouldn't budge; because the leader was neither dead nor caged but simply inaccessible, no new leader as assigned.

So I wrote a DFHack script to detect invaders whose group leader was unreachable and promote one of them to be a new group leader for the others. After running that, the stalled and idle invaders picked right up again pathing into the fort behind their newly nominated leaders.