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0008837Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2015-02-28 18:552018-06-03 18:54
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0008837: Game crashed when I tried to adjust my laptop's brightness
On my laptop, I hold Fn and hit F3 to turn up the brightness. I did this while playing DF in Dwarf mode, and the view began scrolling up and left until it hit the corner of the map. I tried moving the view but it moved back to the top left. After a few seconds, the game crashed.
While playing Dwarf Fortress in Dwarf mode, hold Fn and hit F3. The second time I tried to do this, the view scrolled, but the game did not crash, and I could play again after about 15 seconds. Adjusting brightness later in this session had no efect.
It is a Samsung laptop.
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Chances are another bug was causing the crashes.