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0008844Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2015-03-06 08:482020-02-26 18:44
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0008844: Reclaimed fort: Goblins in trade depot don't attack but are reported as ambush
Depending on what the intended behavior is, a better summary might be:
>Can select to reclaim fort currently occupied by non-dwarves.

I reclaimed a pregenerated fort and had goblins hanging around in the trade depot with goods unloaded (querying the depot gave me a "there are no traders right now").
Discovering each of them gave me the "Ambush! Drive them out!" message every time.

They seem to be "friendly" (listed as hostile, but they do not attack unless attacked first). None of them are soldiers. Just thresher, siege engineer, etc.

I did not check the legends for more info yet.
Load save in comments
I expected one of the following behaviors:

-goblins are friendly traders
Yet, I get the ambush message
-goblins are new occupants of site
Yet I could select to reclaim the site
-it's either an actual ambush, or remnants of the former site owners
Yet they don't attack

Since I'm not sure which is the intended behavior here, I don't know which bugs are related. There are reports of goblins not attacking, friendly goblins hanging around reclaimed forts (but without the ambush warning), and ambush messages (but not from the goblins). 0000252 and 0007860 respectively for the last two.

Save upload will follow.
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http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=10648 [^]
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This also sounds similar to 0008387, "Hostile subterranean animal people are not hostile" and 0007369, "Non-hostile blind cave ogre and other cavern creatures".

There are now various reports where units should be hostile but are not, maybe these should be somehow merged to just few reports via changes to titles and "is duplicate" links.
2015-03-06 20:28   
Yeah, I''m expecting this to be resolved as duplicate, I just wasn't sure at which bug to post the save, so I just opened a new one.

Also, I noticed that it's not just the trade depot, the entire fortress is full of goblins - about 70 of them, plus a dozen or so dwarves - all listed as hostile.
2020-02-26 15:56   
This still exists in 0.47.02.