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0008861Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2015-03-17 13:522021-02-22 18:36
0008861: Wheelbarrows in stockpile tiles prevent those tiles from requesting new items
Upon returning with an item in a wheelbarrow, a dwarf will place both the item and the wheelbarrow into a single stockpile tile. The wheelbarrow then prevents that stockpile tile from requesting new items. A three-tile stockpile with three wheelbarrows assigned is (almost) completely useless (dwarves may fill the stockpile initially if the wheelbarrows aren't yet in the tiles).

The obvious workaround is to make any wheelbarrow-assigned stockpiles a few tiles larger (to accommodate the wheelbarrows), but since the dwarves have no qualms about placing the wheelbarrow and item in a single tile, it would be nice if they were smart enough to exclude assigned wheelbarrows when determining if the stockpile tile is full.
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2021-02-22 18:36   
Has this bug been fixed? Not noticing it in 0.47.04