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0008890Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2015-03-30 20:002015-04-01 00:07
0008890: Lock 4 puppys in a room and the FPS goes down substantially
I tried this a couple of times and it seems consistent. The FPS will drop 8 to 10 within a small room, and even further if you lock the puppies in a cavern.

I haven't tried this with other animals, but I suspect it may be a symptom of a more general bug.
1. Create a small room with a door.
2. Create a Pen/Pasture within the room
3. Assign 4 puppies to the pen/pasture
4. Mark the door as "Keep tightly closed" (ie. don't let pets to pass through)
5. Remove the pasture
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duplicate of 0000797confirmed Footkerchief Animals/pets repeatedly try to find path through pet-locked/"tightly closed" doors, causing lag 
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