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0008978: Ghost raised despite remains being interred
Recently, a macelord died due to an untreated wound from a forgotten beast becoming infected. More importantly, his still accessible remains (his body, with a few mangled fingers, minus some teeth) were placed in a burial receptacle immediately after his death. That burial receptacle remained undisturbed. Some time later, I noticed his ghost. I immediately checked the catacombs with (t), as I had made sure there were ample coffins available, and sure enough, he was inside a coffin.

I made a copy of the save, then attempted to put him to rest with a memorial slab, which worked.

Save from before the slab was engraved is here:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=10890 [^]
None known. Follow instructions on dffd file listing to find the appropriate coffin.
I'm playing vanilla DF 40.24 with the MacNewbie pack. I haven't used any serious hacks with DFhack, only Workflow and the "pure bugfixes" enabled by default.
0.40.24, ghost
related to 0008801new  Ghost starts haunting fortress while remains entombed in coffin 
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Probably related to: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=8801 [^]

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I am playing 43.04 vanilla + Mayday graphics. I have >20 ghosts that have been put to rest with slabs, but I find no evidence of their bodies being unaccessible. I have more than enough receptacles for them all. I have a brook so they can't fall in there, and I have a well that appears to be clear of bodies or any other pollution. But a good number of my dead come back as ghosts, and it happens at a steady pace. Are their body parts being turned to mist or something else intangible that is impossible to bury, which is causing the ghosts?
Therolt, I have not had any destruction of receptacles or slabs of which I am aware.
Is there a secret corpse eating fetish that is causing this?
2018-05-24 04:19   
Also 8003.