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0008998Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Noblespublic2015-06-23 19:232015-06-24 09:54
Urist McBugrep 
Knight Otu 
x86_64LinuxFedora 19
0008998: Promotion of Expedition Leader to King removes all other Noble positions
Fresh world gen, Dwarves are extinct.
(IF) Expedition leader is selected to be King, and now the Noble screen shows no positions beyond King.
Embark with Dwarves extinct.
Check the nobles page, note who the leader is.
Hope the RNG picks your Expedition Leader to be King.
Check the nobles page again, everything is now blank.
Reproducing is annoying, as I don't know how the King is selected (beyond RNG).
However, I did successfully reproduce the problem.
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duplicate of 0008129confirmed Footkerchief Positions disappear from nobles screen when expedition leader is promoted to monarch 
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Urist McBugrep   
2015-06-23 19:35   
Save File showing bug is uploaded to http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=10950 [^]

Other retained saves:
Pre-Embark World
Initial Spring Save (immediately before promotion event)
Alternate Embark to show Reproducibility of Bug
Initial Spring Save of Alternate Embark.

Let me know if you want 'em and I'll upload.
Knight Otu   
2015-06-24 09:54   
Duplicate of 0008129.