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0009001: Eager dwarf tries to store his owned item despite injury preventing him
I've had a were-beast attack in which a dwarf got injured. Not just some bruising or broken bones, no, he got both his arms ripped off. Literally (I found it hilarious at the time). He survived though.

Several years pass in the fortress without anything happening, he has no trouble eating or drinking, just washing himself doesn't work, but that isn't the bug. The bug is that I suddenly get a ludicrous amount of announcements (Hotkey 'a' screen). It reads "Äs Tekkudkurel, chief medical dwarf cancels Store Owned Item: Too injured." I get this announcement about 5 - 10 times per second, sometimes it spikes to up to 50, effectively drowning out any other announcements I get. And it doesn't stop, even when he is just loitering around in the meeting hall.

Here is a picture of the dwarfs summary stuff - http://i57.tinypic.com/2eltqj5.jpg [^]
I haven't been able to reproduce this with another dwarf, it's a rather specific condition to lose both arms. The bug is ongoing though, so I guess it reproduces itself so long as you have an armless dwarf who tries to store an owned item of his.
injured, message spam
related to 0000306resolved Toady One Injured soldier tries to pick up equipment with broken arms- message spam 
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I'm also having the same issue: a dwarf with lost ability to grasp (left hand missing, right lower arm with nerves severed) trying to store owned item and spamming cancellation. Shall I update the save somewhere and post here?