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0009062: Savage mobs/plants/trees not spawning in savage environments
As title says.

Every time I generate a world and embark in a savage environment, no savage plants/trees/mobs spawn.

There is savage weather and rain, but no savage mobs spawn (except for forced spawns like titans). No 'special' mobs, plants or trees spawn at all. However, the 'normal' ones (camels, bears, orange trees, etc...) spawn perfectly fine.
Generate a world with high savage and embark in a savage environment.
I've noticed that no one else seems to experience this issue, so I was wondering if my raws were glitched or something. However, I've been able to reproduce this on several computers with clean installs, meaning it's probably something wrong with the linux df version.
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Do you have a save where you're able to reproduce this?
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No corroboration or follow-up.