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0009126Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2015-12-01 12:482015-12-01 13:30
Knight Otu 
Mac OS X10.6.8
0009126: Worldgen Freeze
Freeze during worldgen civilizations placement. The application stop responding, requiring a force quit.
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duplicate of 0009125resolved Toady One Freeze when placing civilizations during worldgen 
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2015-12-01 12:59   
Also happens while progressing with history.
2015-12-01 13:25   
What size world are you generating?

There have been reported successes while generating smaller sized worlds, but the medium and large ones seem to cause these crashes regardless of any other options.
Knight Otu   
2015-12-01 13:30   
Duplicate of 0009125.