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0009134Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2015-12-01 16:212020-03-02 02:06
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0009134: Plump Helmet men cannot perform or pray due to inability to speak.
Plump helmet men cannot perform or pray using the "k" key due to their inability to speak.
1. Become a plump helmet man
2. Attempt to play or pray
3. Fail.
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has duplicate 0009183resolved Knight Otu Plump Helmet Men Can't Dance 
related to 0009517new  Plump helmet men try to become necromancers 
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2015-12-01 16:23   
Additionally, this means social interaction need cannot be filled.
2017-12-17 15:07   
Also, how would they logically join a civ if they can't speak? In game terms I assume it merely considers CAN_LEARN without looking for CAN_SPEAK, but it does create a "wait, this seems a bit silly" thought to me.
2017-12-23 08:25   
[LOCAL_POPS_CONTROLLABLE] & [LOCAL_POPS_PRODUCE_HEROES] is not a discriminatory tag in this respect to said creature being unable to speak. Social needs derived from speaking being inaccessible is also a separate issue related to inability to recognize the circumstances compared to other 'template' sentient needs.

Experience with other creatures who can't speak in native populations (such as applying [USE_EVIL_ANIMALS] trolls on embark) shows that they can workship & sing when the AI is driving the activity.

So more appropriately the issue report summary should be that the adventurer cannot, whilst the AI can. Removing both the local pops tags and removing their access from adventure mode would be a advisable short term modding solution.
2017-12-24 15:45   
Ah right. Those are the tags that do it. I'd say the easier solution is just allow plump helmet men to speak. No real reason not to.

Then again, plump helmet men kinda suck, so I guess there's no reason not to remove the ability to let them join civs too...
2020-03-02 01:48   
Still present in 47.03 (presumably 47.04), anecdotally being unable to converse they stand around much of the time inside the tavern with 'No Job' neither speaking to dwarves socialising around them but occasionally being served by the tavern keeper as much as they need alcohol not sharing rumors.

I wouldnt know if they wanted a job or were just curious coming to relax/corrupt local dwarves for a purpose, but being unable to enunciate they seem harmless enough with no trouble from them, then they left of their own accord, being a bit useless to thier purpose neither learning anything, taking part in local activities or having it be known what they want.
2020-03-02 02:06   
The female plump helmet hammerman 'Unbeh Crevicemen' is arriving in the background upon loading this bugged save for 47.03, if you navigate to 'other units' and follow them through to the tavern; observe for a bit, ignoring the moody dwarf or anything else going on.

(( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14871 [^] ))