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0000917Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Combatpublic2010-04-10 02:022014-07-19 23:54
Toady One 
PCWindowsVista 32 Bit
0000917: Attempting to remove a stuck-in with no [GRASP] part crashes game
Tested in Arena mode and Adventure mode.

Playing as a creature with no [GRASP] part, and getting something stuck in, like a bolt, and than attempting to remove stuck-in causes the game to crash
1. Start playing as creature without [GRASP] part (eg dragon)
2. Get something stuck in (bolts are a good choice, but works with anything)
3. Use "I" and select object, and attempt to remove object
When removing something as, say a dwarf, the object ends up in a hand. Lack of "hands" probably confusing the game.
Fixed in 0.40.01?, stuckins
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2014-07-18 19:46   
I believe this was fixed. Steps to verify:

1. Spawned a dwarf with a crossbow in Arena
2. Spawned a yak
3. Took control of the yak, let myself get shot up real good
4. Tried to remove a bolt that was stuck in

A yak has no grasps (which I confirmed by being unable to equip items or climb), and the game did not crash. In fact, I was able to remove the bolt. Potentially that's another bug altogether, but no more crash
2014-07-19 13:56   
Created bug report at 0007491 for being able to pull out bolts without grasps.
Knight Otu   
2014-07-19 23:54   
We'll call this resolved, then.