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0009249Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2015-12-05 22:112018-04-26 16:20
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0009249: Scroll roller duplication
I asked for a scroll to be made, after I made a single "rollers" out of phyllite earlier. When I looked at the completed «+rope reed scroll+», it has this description: "This is a finely-crafted rope reed scroll. It is made from rope reed cloth. The rollers are made from limonite. The rollers are made from phyllite." As far as I'm aware, I don't even have limonite on this map!
Make a scroll, keeping close eye on your stocks.
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2015-12-08 01:49   
Could that roller be brought from elsewhere with traders/guests?

Not sure there is still stored info who where made a roller once it is used inside a scroll but can you please upload your save (zipped region folder) with this scroll of yours to http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] so others can have a look?
2015-12-09 12:47   
I can confirm this issue. I have watched the entire process of creating a scroll from start to finish. A green glass scroll roller was made at the magma glass furnace using only a bag of sand. The green glass roller was then brought to a craftsdwarf workshop and combined with a sheet of paper. There were no other items marked as TSK while the scroll was being made. The resulting scroll had one green glass roller (as expected) and another roller made out of some random stone. I've been able to duplicate this numerous times. Every time one roller is green glass while the other is a completely random stone.
2015-12-09 14:32   
Random material probably means the scroll is expecting two rollers but is getting just one so when it is assigning their materials one of them is left unassigned, so it is then taking the random value which was originally in that memory area.
2015-12-10 13:22   
Seems to be a description issue. If you change the reaction to require 2 rollers, the extra description line still picks a random material. (Assuming with the reaction at 1, the item "scroll rollers" is meant to be 2 parts - 1 for each end of the scroll).
2015-12-21 15:01   
DFHack says that the game really does stick two separate ITEM_SPECIFIC improvements on the scroll. The mystery one, which always comes first, doesn't record its maker and doesn't seem like it listens to the bookbinder's skill levels either. It's generated at the most basic quality level every time.

I'd like to say that it picks any random INORGANIC material for itself, but I've only seen it use normal stones like petrified wood, kaolinite, quartzite or rock salt so far.
2015-12-21 15:14   
I got it. The DEFAULT_IMPROVEMENT tag in the tool definition looks like it's muscling in its own defined addition at the same time as the legit fortress-made one.

I changed the HARD_MAT from the end into SHELL_MAT and the very next scroll had its phantom rollers made out of cave lobster chitin instead. Can the reaction do without this tag? Will the world at large go haywire?
2015-12-21 19:13   
I can confirm this bug as well. It seems pretty simple to fix...
2016-03-26 10:19   
I have seen this bug, with the material being NATIVE PLATINUM. So I think it can be any HARD_MAT.
2017-12-16 07:21   
It doesn't seem like removing the DEFAULT_IMPROVEMENT token hurts anything. You could make a separate reaction that attaches rollers to a complete scroll, if you like having that option to decorate your stuff.
2018-04-26 16:20   
Confirmed in 44.09. Description still has the first roller made of a seemingly random material, while the second roller is made out of the material that was actually brought to the workshop when building the scroll.