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0009259Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2015-12-06 17:072015-12-06 20:40
PCWin 10
0009259: Instrument parts that exist show up as "red" and cannot be used to construct istruments
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11403 [^]

Here's a save, the same save that shows built instruments not being used or counting towards the total in a location.

In this save, you should see a number of instrument parts that are sitting in the finished goods stockpile. They are secure in bins and not claimed or being used, yet if you try to assemble an instrument those parts are being shown in red and the instrument cannot be built.

Rarely will different parts become white briefly, before going red again, making assembling instruments a trial and error chore. The more parts they need, the harder they are to assemble.
1) Build some parts
2) Store those parts in a stockpile
3) Verify they are there.
4) Goto the crafting workshop and choose "assemble instrument"
5) 9/10 that instrument is red, can't be assemble, showing the parts are missing.
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duplicate of 0009004confirmed Loci "Store item in container" jobs block access to all items already in the container 
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Most likely this is another facet of the "bin contents availability" bug (0009004).
2015-12-06 20:40   
Checking your finished goods stockpile and your stocks screen, you don't have enough parts to make anything other than a dimol.

Create more parts at the craftsdwarf's (and instruments), leather works, metalsmith's forge, kiln, and glass furnace (and instruments).

You might want to separate out your tools from your all-inclusive finished goods stockpile to prevent bin tasking when creating new parts (or even not use bins at all in the tools stockpile).