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0009273Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2015-12-08 02:092016-06-05 13:56
Toady One 
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0009273: Writing Materials (Quires/Scrolls) and instruments constantly hauled between stockpile and locations (Library/Temple)
I've constructed a library zone in which a coffer has been placed, and I've constructed 100 or so quires stored in a quantum stockpile. The coffer in the library contains a few quires, some of which are marked as TSK, and I see dwarves constantly run back and forth with quires putting them into the coffer and hauling them back to the QS feeder stockpile.
The library claims to be stocked with the required number of quires (10).

I do not see the corresponding behavior with the two chests in my tavern, which is defined based on a table->dining room->meeting hall->tavern. The goblets and music instruments stored there remain unhauled, despite matching the settings for the same QS as the quires are stored in.
The fortress was started using 0.42.01. I'm using LNP with Announcement Window+ and the Phoebus tile set.

I haven't yet placed any coffers in any of the temple zones, so I can't make a comparison there.

Original Summary:
Quires constantly hauled between stockpile and library
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2015-12-12 09:52   
This save illustrates the issue, although in this case it's a temple zone rather than a library zone, and the items constantly hauled are instruments rather than quires.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11457 [^]

The temple in question is in the NE corner of the map when the save is started.
2016-01-03 14:16   
Dwarfu, I think 0009291 is not related.

I have noticed that when a dwarf decides to read a book, a suspended "return the library book" job is added to the job list. I think that's what's happening in 0009291.

I would have commented in 0009291's notes, but I can't because it's closed as resolved.
2016-01-12 13:47   
(edited on: 2016-01-13 15:17)
I can confirm that this issue seems to remain present in 42.04. I have a library with four coffers, and a finished goods stockpile several levels above it. My dwarves are constantly storing blank quires or scrolls into the coffers, then removing them to store them in the stockpile, and on and on, when the desired number of materials is lower than the fort's total stockpile of quire/scrolls. When you change the desired number of materials to be higher than the total fort stockpile of quires/scrolls, you get behavior as described below.

At that point, dwarves come into the library with a "Store Item in Location" job, approaches a coffer to store an item (quire/scroll) in it, but they are not actually hauling anything in their hands. Which makes me think they reach the coffer, pick up an item, then immediately put the item back into the coffer. They then leave with some other activity to go do, never having visibly hauled anything (like I said, I think they pick up a quire/scroll, then put a quire/scroll back into the coffer).

Note that I only see the constant storing and re-storing occurring with unwritten materials; it does not seem to happen with items that are stored in bookcases, or that have writings on them.

Save linked below. F3 is hot-keyed to zoom to the library (level 31, right off of the central stairwell). Just zoom to it and observe the movement and behaviors of the dwarves, especially as they relate to the 4 coffers in the corners of the library.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=11654 [^]

One additional thing I'd like to point out here in all of this. The actual number of available writing materials, as displayed in the locations screen for the library, seems to have something wrong with it as well.

If you look in the stocks screen, you'll see that this fort has something like 27 quires in it (listed under tools), plus one codex owned by a migrant that he carries around, and no scrolls. In theory the number of writing materials available in the library should not be able to exceed 27 (let's say 28 if it for some reason counts the bound codex that my migrant carries around with him).

With that in mind you'll see right off the bat with that save that it's showing something like 29 materials available, which shouldn't be possible. If you let it run and check the location number every 10 or 15 seconds, you'll see it fluctuate up and down. I've seen it go as high as 32.

(Made multiple edits for clarity and typos)

2016-01-20 10:30   
The generation of needless store in location jobs affect written material as well. I get a lot of "run to bookcase/coffer with TSK item" run away (and sometimes return for a repeat performance). These jobs show up as store in location jobs in the jobs list.
This behavior is still better than before I disabled the Tools stockpile, as quires are no longer physically moved back-and-forth (books/codices aren't as badly hit since they've got their own stockpile entry, and can easily be removed from stockpiling). Also, I don't see instrument or goblet hauling, so not stockpiling those seems to remove the hauling jobs.

Toady One   
2016-06-05 13:56   
My id check was 1 instead of -1, and since id numbers start at 0, storage was always failing for your second location (which is usually not your tavern, since that comes first). Location storage seems to work now.