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0000929Dwarf FortressCombat -- Target Selectionpublic2010-04-10 07:072015-01-03 18:20
0000929: After Selecting entire squad then setting attack orders on multiple targets some soldiers will stand by
When a squad of 8+ (this is my basic squad size) is ordered to attack more then one target (in this case it was 9 Trogs and then again with 4 Drathas) some or most and rarely all the soldiers will stand at a dead foes body (its random sometime but usally its the first enemy down) unless they see a hostile then they march off (only the soldiers that saw the hostile will move, others stay at body)

orders given from squad menu

also soldiers don't seem to want to pickup backpacks or flasks

-Multi attack orders cause AI issues (with multible selected soldiers)
Have a large squad (max works best 10/10) enter squad menu select squad press 'p' to select each member indivialy with 'SHIFT+(squad members letter)' select attack menu 'k' and use 'SHIFT+(target letter)' to select more then three targets, fighting in a maze often leads to this.
Freshly created squad with Milita commander running the team, all monthly orders are set to train and in the squad menu press "u" to change inactive to active/training I believe, they appear as civilians until given attack or move/station orders

This is not a huge issue because I just have to remove their orders and tell them to attack again, its not as bad as the total AI stoppage where everyone stops what they are doing and you need to quit DF or save to main menu and re-run the save
Military, squad
duplicate of 0008250resolved Toady One Military dwarves won't attack goblins 99% of the time, and when they do they cause a loyalty cascade. 
child of 0000481acknowledged Toady One Kill/attack commands/orders don't work 
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Toady has started asking for saves for military/equipment bugs, so if you have a save demonstrating this problem, it might be helpful to upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/. [^] Thanks!
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This has most likely been superseded by 0008250 etc.