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0009316Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Eating/Drinkingpublic2015-12-11 17:572018-09-23 10:38
0009316: Upon being given a goblet and another item, npcs "drink" the other item
When the user initiates an exchange or gift with an npc, if the user opts to give a goblet/mug and some other item in the same trade, upon exiting the trade and progressing 1 tick the npc will drink the other item as if it were a drink, then will drop the goblet/mug. As far as I can tell the object can be anything, since I noticed it when giving a goblet and a large dagger, and have since tried it with a small rock, a musical instrument, and even another mug. I believe it stems from the fact that, upon trading a mug and some other object, the two objects end up in their half of the trading screen, but the second object is always inside of the mug. Upon noticing that there is something in their mug, they appear inclined to drink it immediately.
1) acquire a mug or goblet and some other item.
2) ask an npc to "Exchange, give or take personal items"
3) proceed to give both the mug and the other item.
4) after exiting the trade screen, "wait" for a few ticks
The log/chat will show "[person] drinks the [other item]", followed by "[person] drops the [mug/goblet]".
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2015-12-11 18:01   
Apparently you can also place just about anything inside of a goblet already, so this becomes an issue if you have, for example, a sword inside of the goblet, which is then traded and promptly ingested. The original problem is, however, more worrisome.
2015-12-11 18:07   
Are they not injured by drinking of daggers and swords or does the text just say they drink it but it just stays in their inventory?
2015-12-11 18:10   
Further testing shows that if you trade a mug as well as several other items, it will put at least one, but sometimes more of them into the mug, which may mean that trading mugs at all is not safe for items (assuming that the user cares about the continued existence of their once-owned items).
2015-12-11 18:13   
(edited on: 2015-12-11 18:26)
In response to you, detros, No, they drink it and there is no effect. My guess is that it registers them as being equivalent to any random item, because it isn't an attack. HOWEVER, if you were to, say, trade them an ingestion-tagged syndrome-inducing material within a goblet, I would think that a new "assassin" skill might be in order. As a matter of fact...

To whomever is assigned to this bug, could you please make an attempt to leave intact the functionality of npcs drinking whatever liquid is in their mugs? As someone who really likes syndrome modding, it would be very beneficial to finally have a way to use [INGESTED] syndromes on npcs. It's much more realistic. The only real detriment to the gameplay is in the npc's act of auto-placing the items into the goblet on acquisition.

2015-12-12 02:01   
A further note, this bug doesn't happen if the npc is wearing a pouch (I think it may actually be due to the npc having no room in their hands and instead defaulting to the first available container, since I believe both cases where I noted the bug not occurring were npcs with full hands)
2015-12-16 22:06   
I saw the same thing WolframHydroxide did with them putting the mug into a pouch when I was trying to turn people into vampires (successfully) and later duplicated this bug apparently (http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=9371 [^]) I since played with it, putting a goblet in a goblet in a goblet in a goblet in a goblet results in them all being drunk at once, while giving them one of my own modded semi-megabeast (kill > turn heart into a buffing item) balms of strength resulted in them going from "average in size" to "incredibly muscular" as expected, so yeah, it would be nice if that part at least could be kept intact.
2016-01-03 00:57   
Hmmm, not worth making a new report I don't think, especially since it requires dfhack chicanery to achieve, but besides doing silly things like making someone drink theirself (cage them, add general_ref_contained_in_itemst/general_ref_contains_itemst links properly to get the cage in the mug, untoggle the caged flag so the unit appears where they were, hand them the mug, ponder the insanity which takes place, curl up in a ball, cry): http://i.imgur.com/KYXfZNw.gif [^]

Now I had to try to get someone to drink me, I repeated the same trick, with a bit more dfhack tightrope walking to avoid the timespam-while-caged thing, and gave someone the mug with me in it. Then you wait a bit and when they go to drink you the game crashes.

I can't even attach a save because I had to manually remove the contained_in/contains_unit refs with gm-editor in the window while the world loaded but before it finished and crashed when I made the mistake of saving after adding them.

I mean, it makes sense that the game wouldn't function normally when you get deleted by the physics-rending monstrosity that is a dwarven gullet, but it is disappointing I can't grab a screenshot of "Soandso drinks the you cage/You have died in a cage." and learn if there is any sort of "You have been drank." message.

There seem to be no negative side-effects of someone else disappearing into their own maw though, no crashes, no instability, the only damage is to my sanity I suppose.
2016-01-05 11:58   
(edited on: 2016-01-05 16:31)
Now confirmed to persist in the latest version (0.42.04). Could a mod come over and change it to reflect this status? Also, the fact that it is related to a duplicate bug that shows as "resolved, but only has said status because it is a duplicate of this seems rather unhelpful to the cause of getting this bug fixed. I'm new to the bug tracker, so if that's normal protocol, please do correct me.

Also, I should have listed that the bug occurs for me on my Windows computer, currently running Windows 8.1

2016-01-05 17:57   
Resolving duplicate reports and leaving just one for one issue is standard practise. It's using the difference between "status" and "resolution".

If does not seem to be anything in the change log which seem to be concerning given issue, rechecking it after each minor version update is seen as futile. On the other hand, supplying more notes, images or saves and trying various scenarios to see if those make given issue occur/not occur is welcomed.

Thanks for more info. Adding which version of DF you are using, on which platform it is and if the game was modded or given issue persists even in vanilla DF, is also welcomed. Often adding a save/image showing given issue can help a lot; for crash reports are saves needed most of time (unless it is something general, like those building-constructions-on-trees crashes).
2016-02-03 10:35   
(edited on: 2016-02-03 14:06)
One problem: I can't edit any of that. The game was vanilla, I can upload either the picture or the log, which in every case I have tried contains the damning phrase en masse. Bug now confirmed in latest release(0.42.05), even if target is a vampire (who really shouldn't be drinking anything, but I gave a ranger some vampire blood first, which he promptly guzzled, then gave him a mug within a mug, which he drank. Interesting side-note: This bug does not generally occur if the trading target has a pouch, since the mug tends to be placed in the pouch. Further tasting ongiong.

2018-09-23 10:38   
v0.44.12: FrogDolphinMan posted a save in 0010904:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14030 [^]