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0000936Dwarf FortressArenapublic2010-04-10 10:502014-01-27 14:14
0000936: Non-homeotherm creatures melt when placed on floor above magma
Alligators and Saltwater crocodiles immediately begin melting, and rapidly bleed to death when placed on the floors in the top left section of the arena. Investigation revealed that:
-creatures only melt when placed on a floor that has magma on the Z-level below it

-while alligators/saltwater crocs melted, cave crocs did not. Cave Crocodiles are composed of the same materials, ie. standard flesh with scales. Moreover, it was not any one specific tissue that was melting but the entire creature.

-unlike the other crocodiles, cave crocodiles possess [HOMEOTHERM:10040]. When added to the other two creatures, they ceased to melt.
Place a saltwater crocodile, or alligator on the walkways above the magma, in the top left quadrant in arena mode.
Easily fixed by adding a homeotherm value to creature entry
Intentional/Expected?, magma, melting
related to 0000307new  No announcements for blistering/charring, and other fire-related problems 
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Village Idiot   
2010-05-10 10:26   
Creatures melting when above magma seems to be intended behavior, but the cave crocodile seems to have an aura of normal temperature around him, which is strange
2010-05-10 11:58   
It might be linked to creature size -- cave crocodiles are big.
Village Idiot   
2010-05-10 12:10   
Are they so big they stop OTHER creatures from melting?