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0009361Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Tradepublic2015-12-15 16:432017-06-06 10:11
Win 7
0009361: Tavern keeper states "I don't work here." when asking about available services, drinks, rooms, ect.
When adventuring in my own personal fort, I went to my tavern to meet up with some of my locals and grab a drink. When I asked the man dressed as a tavern keeper with a name badge that says "Vucar Godenzuden, Tavern Keeper" what kind of services he offered he politely informed me that he does not work there. I left sober and disappointed.

Build fort, build tavern, adventure to tavern, let dwarf express his right to refuse service to anyone.
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duplicate of 0009327confirmed lethosor Cannot order drink at my own fort's inn in adventure mode - tavern keeper claims "I don't work here" 
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Duplicate of 0009327, "Cannot order drink at my own fort's inn in adventure mode".
2017-06-06 10:11