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0009450: Thoughts screen and combat report show opposite emotion for same event
Dwarf mode, world generated in 0.40.23
Hunter improved crossbow.
In combat report the dwarf says: "...improved my crossbow...not satisfying."
On top of dwarf page "Thoughts and preferences" he says: "...very satisfying."

May not be typo/grammar. May be an effect of being horrified in conflict
at the same time. Then combat report should be reworded. It sounds odd this way.

I can provide a save with the displayed text.
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2016-01-06 11:47   
Seems to be a general typo in the battle reports.
Have seen it now also after an argument:
   got into an argument with......satisfying/not satisfying

(I just don't know how both of them had the time for an argument
in the middle of the fight ;-)
2016-01-13 19:40   
Can you check whether the dwarves in question think that their emotions should be concealed, or are generally untruthful?
2017-11-23 19:31   
Here is a photo showing the opposite reactions in thoughts versus combat report.

http://i881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11/Mondoshawan/DF/Opposite%20day.png [^]