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0009459Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2016-01-08 14:162021-03-17 02:10
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MacOS X10.10.5
0009459: Dwarves don't bury visitors who get themselves killed
I had a Marksdwarf visitor who decided that during a goblin siege would be the ideal time to leave my fortress. On his way out he encountered the incoming invaders, which didn't go well for him. After the invaders were disposed of I reclaimed all his gear, but his corpse just sits there, neither buried in the coffins I have available, nor dragged to the refuse stockpile.
Get a visitor killed in such a way that they leave a corpse while they're on their way in or out (it's also possible that this applies to visitors who aren't in transit!). See if anyone buries them.
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2016-01-09 09:13   
If any, they should not go to refuse stockpile. This got changed recently: now corpses of all sentient people go into corpse stockpile.

I am not sure how are various levels of visitors treated during burying (common visitors / long-term-residing ones / citizined visitors).
2016-01-09 15:28   
Long-term ones are assigned to coffins -- common visitors do not appear to be.
2016-01-10 00:59   
This may then work as intended.
2021-03-17 01:12   
Few of my visitors vent insane, running around until they die. Nobody bury them. I think coffins should have "Allow burying of visitors" option.
2021-03-17 02:10   
Burial is for fortress members (I'm not sure if that also extends to members of the own civ). The bodies of everyone else will stay in the corpse stockpile until they rot away (which will take a huge amount of time, give that it doesn't have any accelerated decay, and bones take a long time to decay).
Thus, you typically have to dispose of those corpses in another way (trash compactor [i.e. atom smasher], into magma, or just into a deep hole).

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