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0009610Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destructionpublic2016-03-05 03:022020-05-23 00:25
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0009610: Suicidal stair removers stand on stair to be removed rather than legal tiles to the side
In my current fortress I've had several cases where I've had dwarves tasked with removing stairs plunge to their deaths (into magma) because they stupidly stand on the stair itself rather than a legal tile to the side.

In one case I tried to remove the stair above the one I really wanted to get rid of after having two deadly attempts to remove the bottom one (and save scummed), but that dorf did still remove the tile he stood on and fell through the stair below.
I suspect it's related to pathing, i.e. where the dwarf came from when trying to perform the job. In my cases I think they all came from straight above, climbing down and then failing to step to a legal tile to the side (in my cases there was nothing below).
I finally managed to remove one such problematic tile by burrowing a dwarf who was building beside the stair. When I ordered the stair removal he correctly stood beside the tile, and is thus still alive (but asleep, since I didn't remove the burrow fast enough...).
A maximum traffic restriction on the stair above and the stair to be removed had no effect on a suicider: it wouldn't step two steps to the side to take the other stair down, and thus approach from the side.
Using LNP r01 with Dwarf Therapist, the Phoebus tile set, and DFHack Performance Tweaks.
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2020-05-22 16:34   
Yup, grateful to see someone has reported this.
2020-05-22 21:33   
4 years ago...unless there's new information, bug reports don't need to be bumped. Is it even true any more?
2020-05-23 00:25   
Nothing has happened that ought to affect this according to release notes in the releases since, so I have no reason to believe it's been fixed.

Kobold6's comment is an additional indication that it's still present. Questioning whether the report is still valid contradicts the statement that there's no need to bump reports by reporting that it's still present unless additional info is added...

However, I've observed it a number of times a number of years ago, but nowadays fortresses are destroyed by bugs before reaching a development stage where this bug is encountered (in my case magma sea draining).