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0009628Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Generalpublic2016-03-14 09:402021-01-31 21:48
milo christiansen 
0009628: Job details menu either does not work or works very poorly for reactions
The job details menu does not work correctly for user reactions. The ability to select material is based on input item type rather than material (reaction classes are ignored, and you cannot select materials at all for many input types) and you cannot select art images at all, not even for items that it would make sense for.
Create a reaction that uses blocks to build a statue, no menu at all. Change this reaction to use a log and it allows you to select wood materials, but no art image.

Create a reaction that limits material selection via reaction classes, the material list will be very wrong.

Create just about any reaction other than a very limited set of basic stuff and it probably won't work as expected with this menu.
Examples in 0009628:0034856
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2016-03-14 10:30   
I've noticed this as well, while working on a variant of Kobold Camp. Adding the PRODUCT_TOKEN token to my reactions for making wooden picks and other weapons allowed for details, but rock arrows don't allow for details.

Whether this is working for weaving haircloth, brewing kumis, or salvaging/refitting oversized armor has yet to be tested due to lack of materials to order said reactions.
milo christiansen   
2016-03-14 10:36   
I tried PRODUCT_TOKEN for my statue reactions in First Landing after seeing it in the adventure mode crafts reactions, but it didn't make any difference.

No matter how you look at it the way this menu works is inconsistent and horrible for mods.
2016-03-14 10:43   
I am at least fairly certain that selecting material for those modded-in wooden weapons did not become an option until I added PRODUCT_TOKEN to them.

Still, old habits die hard. I'm used to controlling whether my kobolds are packing sexy chert arrows or shitty microcline arrows the hard way. o3o
2016-03-14 14:57   
I second this. There should be at least an option to disable this for modding reaction. It seriously screws over carefully planned workflows :).
2016-03-14 22:31   
(edited on: 2016-03-15 14:32)
I can additionally confirm that it wasn't the use of reaction categories that caused it. Additionally, I'll provide examples.

    [NAME:make wooden pick]
    [CATEGORY_NAME:Wooden weapons]
    [CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION:Make various weapons using wooden logs.]

This is presently successful, and if I recall the details option wasn't shown until PRODUCT_TOKEN was added.

    [NAME:make rock arrows]

The word chosen for the PRODUCT_TOKEN has yet to produce any success, and giving it a category had no effect. Still waiting for opportunities to test other reactions I've added, I might get some dwarven thieves...ahem, scouts, soon to see how this bug interacts with products that return armor, cloth, or leather.

EDIT: I can confirm this doesn't work for brewing drinks from milk.

2016-05-11 15:10   
So, Toady said some improvements were made to product details in .43.01, anyone tested this?
2021-01-31 19:16   
Still broken as of 47.05 it seems, so the answer to my question several years ago was "nope it's still borked"