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0009644Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2016-03-20 07:132016-08-03 11:44
0009644: Miners teleported from the bottom of the channel into a tree
On two separate occasions miners that were ordered to dig 5-tile deep channels teleported from the bottom of the resulting moat into a tree nearby. This happened twice in a row, with different channels (on different sides of the bridge) and two different trees.
1. Dig a channel about 5 z-tiles deep.
2. Miner that is digging it teleports from inescapable 5-tile deep moat he just dug into the branches of a tree, that is several x-tiles to the left, and is stuck there.
3. Dig another channel.
4. Another miner teleports to a different tree.
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duplicate of 0006586needs feedback Footkerchief Carpenter climbs multi-block trees to die 
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They didn't teleport; they climbed. They most likely started climbing because they channeled out the floor they were standing on, and they ended up in a tree because you probably don't have any defined meeting areas (which they use as a "safe area" to path to while climbing).
2016-03-20 11:33   
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So now whenever the dwarves lose their footing they quickly climb the nearest tree?

I do have a meeting area in my dining room.

2016-08-03 01:15   
I've got this one! It hit me right after I saved. So I reloaded several times with recording on, and I caught a movie of it. They're DFFD uploads 12328 and 12329. On z-16, notice the miner popping into existence just south of the westernmost microcline wall, where he's completely stuck.

Sadly, I can't replicate this bug reliably. It took me five or six tries of reloading that save to get the movie.
2016-08-03 11:41   

That's not teleportation, that's using the ramp he just dug next to the flooded ramp on z-level -17 that leads to z-level -16. And he's not stuck, he uses the diagonal-climbing-into-downstairs bug (0008383) to "escape" back into your fortress. As to why he does that... the only sane exit is blocked by another dwarf in a narrow hallway. This causes our hero to use jump/climb pathing to find *any* alternate route to avoid the inconvenience of sharing a tile.
2016-08-03 11:44   
0006586 covers dwarves climbing into trees for little apparent reason.
0009252 covers dwarves not climbing back out of trees for even less reason.