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0009667: Sieges cause nonexistent merchants to dump their items (shows on stocks screen, can't interact)
A bunch of goblins came onto my map on 4/2 and laid siege to my fortress. No human caravan showed up that summer, not even a notification. Moreover, the z Stocks screen now displays several items in red that seem to be human trade items (judging from the presence of things like large clothing) but zooming to them only makes the cursor move to the edge of the map.
I can't do anything about the items on the stocks screen - they can't be interacted with in any way other than dfhack's autodump. Moreover, it's now been several years and no more human caravans have shown up.
Have a siege/werebeast/other malicious creature show up just prior to when a caravan is supposed to arrive.
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duplicate of 0009594confirmed Dwarfu Merchants die/get frightened/flee, dump trade goods, but still own them (shows on stocks screen, can't interact with) 
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If it makes any difference, all the goblins were dead by the time the caravan was supposed to show up on the screen, judging from previous years.
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I had the same happen to me (pile of red items that seem to be off the map, no more human caravans for 8 years now). However, I got a notification and it let me haul goods to the depot, until I eventually got a messages that they would be leaving soon, despite never entering the fortress with any units, then they "left".

I don't remember if it was just after a siege though.

2016-05-04 00:32   
I've been seeing caravans just plain give up and leave these piles of red items with no apparent cause at all. The single wagon of a human caravan reached a slope, then seems to have more or less disappeared; it left an accessible pile on the outskirts of my fort plus another edge-of-the-map pile. The game generated the "traders will be leaving soon" and "traders have embarked on their journey" messages at the normal time intervals, even though the actual traders were long gone.

The next season, a dwarf caravan started pathing to my depot, then while I was dealing with the outpost liaison, all the wagons spontaneously turned around and pathed back off the map, without attempting to unload at the depot.

At first I thought this was a result of channelling a path for water too close to the map edge, or paving all around the map edge with 'paved road'; but it doesn't look like the wagons have any trouble negotiating my outer fort design (it's a 1x1 embark). This never seems to happen in the first year, so now I'm wondering if it's related to the bug where the first-year outpost liaison doesn't leave (bug 9303).