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0009676Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Environmentpublic2016-04-02 08:082016-05-08 17:08
0009676: Troll population grows uncontrollably
Playing an adventurer trying to kill off the goblin civilization. After traveling around on the world map for a couple days, suddenly there are hundreds more trolls in the dark fortress. They seem to respawn endlessly even when I kill them en masse.
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duplicate of 0007526confirmed Dwarfu Dark towers contain thousands of goblins and trolls, causing lag 
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I think this is intentional. The population of trolls/beak dogs is supposed to reset after you sleep or wait in-game. The goblins shouldn't respawn, though.
2016-04-14 20:11   
Not only do they respawn, every time I check legends there are _even more_ than the previous population, to the point that my game now lags unplayably whenever I try to visit the dark fortress. Might this also be intentional?