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0009715Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Environmentpublic2016-04-28 17:342019-03-09 08:07
0009715: Removing "unusable glacial upward slopes" leaves permanently unpassable, undiggable tiles
When using d-z to remove the "unusable glacial upward slopes" left by removing walls from a frozen brook or river, you end up with tiles that have no marking, not even "Open Space". Attempting to build on them fails ("Blocked"), and they can't be designated for digging. They appear as "inside - above ground - light". It's possible for e.g. logs to get trapped on such a tile; they don't appear in the list when you view the tile with k. I tried dropping something onto such a tile (constructing a floor hatch above and then dumping something there); it ends up falling down into an adjacent tile instead. Water does not flow into or through these tiles (and there is no crash) when the brook or river thaws.

No problem occurs if the slopes are removed indirectly (e.g. by digging adjacent tiles).
Channel into a frozen brook or river and build a wall; deconstruct the wall; then use d-z on the "unusable glacial upward slope"s that appear where the walls were.
I'm not sure if I tested this with rivers (only brooks), have only tested it across multiple winters (i.e. building the wall one year and removing it to set up floodgates the next), and only in a specific part of the map (5 tiles in from the edge, i.e. the outermost allowed location for floodgates).
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duplicate of 0008400acknowledged Loci Removing natural upwards ramps from icy brook floor produced empty tiles 
related to 0010197resolved Loci Building a construction over the river floor, then deconstructing it, causes the river floor to disappear. 
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