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0009716Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Tradepublic2016-04-28 20:422016-05-16 16:41
0009716: Trader with Horse dropping load pathing over a trap
This happened 2 years in a row - so there's something to it. Last year - a trader died and i didnt know why or how - and of course i worried it would mean the caravan would pack up and leave - but they didnt. I didnt see it happen - so i wasnt sure if maybe he dodged into it from a wild animal sighting or something.

So this year I was actually watching when it happened - the horse and the trader moved up diagonally after stepping on the exact same trap (which was next to a wall but not next to any other traps - a masterwork with 3 glass serrated blades because more body parts is very dwarfy). It looked like the sort of dodge you see in an invasion. Neither were hurt - but the horse left his whole load on top of the trap. The trader kept on, walking slowly to the depot as if he was guiding his animal... the horse wandered off.

I'm used to traders doing something stupid and leaving me piles of stuff... but i dont know - maybe my description helps tie into some of the old trader dropping things issues.

I'll watch again and see if it happens next year.
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duplicate of 0007595confirmed Footkerchief Merchants petrified with fear by were-creatures 
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Yep - happened the next 2 seasons as well.
What i'm seeing is the 'blue excaimation mark' over the trader's head - at which point his pack animal instantly drops everything. The trap wasnt set off either - so i think this must be a duplicate of the 'trader freaking out at extreme distance' problem previously reported
2016-05-04 22:09   
You should probably upload a save to http://dffd.bay12games.com/. [^] Try to get the save right before it happens, and set a Note at the location for the trap that causes the problem so Toady knows where to look.
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Without a save, it sounds like the merchant is becoming petrified (either by seeing dead things or living large creatures). If you can upload a save particular to your case that isn't described by this, PM a manager on the forums; otherwise, I'm marking it as a duplicate of 0007595.