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0009719Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2016-05-01 17:422016-05-02 14:09
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0009719: Visiting vampire given away by announcement text
In the announcement lists it says "Ngilsho Gulgudrislu, Human Bard vampire is visiting." He doesn't show as vampire on the unit list or by inspecting him, it appears it is only the announcement text that is giving him away. Might be linked to 0009194.
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related to 0009194resolved Toady One Vampire Guests have nature revealed in their profession 
has duplicate 0009806resolved Dwarfu A vampire visitor is listed as vampire on announcement screen. 
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2016-05-02 14:09   
Just got a 2nd human bard given away as vampire by the announcement text, so it wasn't just this one guy.