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0009726: Second year, invisible dwarven caravan, third year no sign of either caravan or liaison. Same in fourth year. Other trade OK
In the second year, I got a message about the dwarven caravan "arriving" (and then "leaving soon", and "departed") without them being visible in the unit list or on the visual map. If checking items in red in stock list, there's clearly a lot of items from this caravan lying around that I can't see. That year, the liaison came as usual. Both caravan and liaison came first year as normal too. It's probably important to note that all years without incident I've gotten both elven and human caravans.

Even though the liaison came the second year, I never got more than the initial two migrant waves. Ever since there's been a message about my fort not attracting any migrants this year.

The third and fourth year, however, I didn't get a caravan or a liaison at all, which in turn meant I continuously don't get migrants or any status (like barony etc).

To try to figure this out, I reloaded the legends viewer, and the outpost liaison is fine, same with my civilisation. Only thing of note is that my liaison moved to a new place at some point, within the civ. I live surrounded by goblins, but there was no mention in the logs of my civilisation that anything had happened to the caravans sent. In fact, there was only a message the first and second year that a caravan had been sent, but nothing had been sent the following years at all.

I get visitors as normal, and my population cap is well over what I have in total on the Z screen. I've played several games lately (with the new current version), and there has been a previous incident too where the dwarven caravan didn't come one year, but after that things went back to the normal routine again.
I use the Newb Pack and the Phoebus 16px.
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duplicate of 0009593acknowledged lethosor Invisible caravan arrives, no units listed on units list, trade impossible. 
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