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0009759Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2016-05-15 16:102016-05-18 12:36
Toady One 
0009759: Construct Mechanisms not updated with details
Construct Mechanisms will always say XXX: Construct Mechanisms, rather than XXX: Construct [Material] Mechanisms. Tried multiple materials, does not update.

However, going into work order and "Add conditions from materials" adds the appropriate source material (validated with several different materials). Further, if no material is chosen, "Add conditions from reagents/materials" shows "non-economic hard rock".

Also validated that if you make a material choice, the mechanisms are made with the appropriate material.
[j]ob list
[q] New Workorder
Select "Construct Mechanisms"
Enter any quantity
While on "Ready: Construct Mechanisms", press [d]etails
Select any material
Name stays as "Ready: Construct Mechanisms"
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child of 0001141resolved Toady One Metal mechanisms cannot be made from job manager (only stone) 
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Making this a child of 0001141, as the Construct Mechanisms functionality from the mechanic's workshop needs to be updated, which will most likely fix this as well.