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0009770: Quest to kill minotaur in labyrinth, unable to ask directions
While i was asking my local lord about quests to kill monsters, I was told about a minotaur I must kill. However, even when I looked in "Ask For Directions, I was unable to find this minotaur. This occurred with multiple lords who gave me the same quest.
1. Be an adventurer.
2. Become a hearthperson of a lord.
3. Have them give you a quest to kill a minotaur.
4. Watch aimlessly as you try to find said labyrinth.
I just found out that labyrinths are unique sites, but as of yet I'm unable to see it.
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duplicate of 0009664confirmed Dwarfu Adventurer does not learn the name or site of quest targets. 
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I also searched in the quest log, even under "sites" it is not listed, as is the minotaur. Perhaps it is already dead?
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This issue seems similar to 0009664. I've seen this happen a lot with quests that involve hunting down legendary beasts/night creatures: neither the name of the beast nor their location is "learned" by the adventurer when the quest is given.