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0009773Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Sitespublic2016-05-20 06:482019-01-03 04:16
0009773: Campfires never disappear on adventurer sites
Looking at the campfire does not show "A Campfire", just "Ashes".
Campfire can be used for heating items but does not heat tiles and does not melt snow
1. Make a campfire on a site made on adventure mode
2. Wait, retire, travel, sleep...
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related to 0005121confirmed Footkerchief Indoor campfires are indestructible, can trap adventurer in confined spaces 
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I had this same issue while building a site, so I had to deconstruct what I had and move it downwards. I made sure not to build campfires near my plans from that point onwards.
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Vanilla DF.0.44.12 on Xubuntu 18.4
Camp fire on claimed by adventurer site never goes out. It burns for ever.