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0000978: Rotten body parts don't seem to impair dwarves
I got attacked by a forgotten beast where (as far as I can tell) its blood causes swelling and necrosis.

So now I have a number of dwarves who got splattered by blood, but are otherwise uninjured. They are Rest-ing in the hospital most of the time, with advanced rot and swelling according to their description screen & the health screen.

However, the (w)ounds screen considers them uninjured - and indeed, they will often get up and do jobs despite 90% of their body being rotten, with no apparent ill effects other than trailing miasma all over the fortress..
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related to 0001534new  Broken/mangled limbs/joints can still be used for walking, attacking, flying 
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As a followup, the dwarves did eventually get yellow damage and then succumb to infection, but it took a long time - over a season - while the "advanced rot" was essentially immediate.

(That was a *nasty* beast. It died fast, but then its blood got tracked around the whole fort..)
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Can confirm this with 0.31.12
They will eventually die, but some of them get stuck at the hospital for ever. To reproduce, you need to fight a beast with rotting venom. Something seems to be broken with rotting tissue excision, as doctors will treat One wound, but ignore the others, letting them die.

here is the save: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3006 [^]