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0009883: Previously trained, now wild Roc automatically returned to pasture after being caught by cage trap
As I needed to leave the Rocs alone in order to let them hatch their eggs, I did so, however the female Roc has gone wild in the process, abandoning her nest box and egg. Since the now wild female Roc went to the room directly next to her nest box room, I was able to deconstruct and gather the egg which was well past 3 months hatching time, without my dwarves being spotted by the Roc.

The Roc can be caught easily using a cage trap, however any attempts to haul the cage to an animal stockpile results in the Roc breaking out and wreaking havoc (or just getting caught in the next cage trap, repeating the process). This seems bugged to me.

Here's the save file where the problem can be reproduced. I'm using the 64-bit linux test build.

https://mega.nz/#!BoEHCSjZ!Z8dxeo97R2a3rM9fJgx5dOcL_pMa1Zf9uc-9uu4JuIo [^]
Look for this part of the fortress (southwest of the main layer, F2)

http://i.imgur.com/7OLBDFd.png [^]

The southern room contains a still-trained Roc, while the northern one contains the problematic, wild one. A stockpile should already be set to accept Rocs.

1. Unforbid the door leading directly into the cage trap array from the north

2. Attempt to deconstruct the door to the south of the trap array to release the Roc into the cage trap(s).

3. Watch as a dwarf attempts to haul the cage to an animal stockpile and the Roc instantly breaks out, as soon as the cage is touched.
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As I have noticed too late, the dwarves are merely attempting to haul the wild Roc back into the Pen/Pasture zone I had assigned it to, before it went wild. Animals not being removed from such an assignment is the problem here, not the Roc itself breaking out.

Oddly enough, the Roc remains in the pasture zone even though it is wild.

Deassigning the Roc from the pen zone causes it to instantly move into a cage trap and be caught, where it is safely hauled to a stockpile.