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0009914Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zonespublic2016-07-12 21:572016-07-12 23:23
0009914: Gathering fruit "bug"
In my past two fortresses, I have made use of gather fruit zones in order to tale advantage of forest fruits. My dwarves, however, are like cats, in that they cannot get down from the trees once they get up them. I suspect that other dwarves are taking the step ladders before the original climbers can get down, and for some reason they won't climb down on their own. I've been forced to chop down several trees to free corpses/survivors from trees. Once had thirteen dwarves stuck in the same tree, in the worst Hobbit reference possible.
Just set up a gather plants activity zone and wait. After 6 months to a few years, the missing persons notifications will start to roll in, or you can go up a few z layers and marvel at how high some up some dwarves got.
This seems more an emergent feature than a bug, but still thought I'd report it.
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duplicate of 0009252resolved Toady One Dwarves get stuck in trees 
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