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0009918: Dwarf Begins Mysterious Construction then Goes Insane Months Later - Not In Burrow, or Forbidden Workshop
One of my Armorers went into a strange mood, so before he even began collecting metal, I forbid all metals except the one adamantine wafer I had left. He claimed the workshop, grabbed the wafer, then immediately began a mysterious construction without requesting anything else. I unforbid all metals after he began construction (I wasn't paying attention). Months later, he became melancholy.

I went back and checked the workshop; neither the base material (basalt) or the iron anvil were forbidden. The dwarf also was not assigned to any burrows, as I only have 1 unrelated burrow active with two weavers in it. To be safe, after he began construction, I unforbid all basalt to see if that would affect the artifact completion - even though the basalt in the workshop was not forbidden - to no avail. No matter what I do, he goes completely bonkers.

Which really sucks, considering he had a preference for shields - artifact adamantine shield. T_T
Forbid all materials except for one on a dwarf in a mood? I can provide a copy of the save, if someone would tell me how to share it on here. Unfortunately, the save begins -after- he began his mysterious construction.
If anyone has suggestions on how to prevent him from going insane, I'm all ears.
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You can find you save folder in data/save, pick the one with your current world (not the default one named "current"). You can upload zipped save folders and other DF related stuff to http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] so others can have a look.
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Is it possible that you forbade the adamantine wafer at some point after he started construction? While forbidding the "base" material generally results in a default "iron" artifact, when there are no other materials the result appears to be insanity instead.

Also, if he claimed a magma forge, loss of "power" (insufficient magma) will cause an automatic mood failure. (A single tile of 3/7 magma oscillating in the magma reservoir can eventually cause a "power" failure.)