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0009943: Producing rock short swords and selecting specific stone results in wooden swords
Recently I discovered I was up to my eyeballs in willow spears, in a game where spears had been modded to be craftable in stone, along with more stones made usable. I went and ordered a raw adamantine weapon made, and witnessed the end product was indeed a wooden spear.

So just to idiotproof things, I stepped back from kobold kamp, and generated a vanilla world to run an immediate test of this, bringing obsidian and wood to facilitate this. Further testing soon revealed the cause, and why my earlier stone weapons turned out fine: specifying the type of stone is what causes this.
1. Acquire wood and obsidian (or other stones, if you feel like modding their MAX_EDGE).
2. Attempt to produce a stone short sword.
3. Specify desired type of stone.
3. Cry.
Oh it was Fun to discover this after having ordered 20 raw adamatine spears made.
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2016-07-30 01:30   
I've seen the same, and I suspect you don't even have to specify the stone, but it would be sufficient to enter the stone selection menu, but I'm not sure about that. I specified the wood in my rock swords (to avoid using up precious feather-wood), and occasionally entered the stone menu rather than the intended wood one, and also ended up with a few swords described as wooden short swords.
2016-07-30 12:43   
(edited on: 2016-08-07 11:00)
Oh derp. So just touching the menu can cause that? I hadn't tested that.

2017-11-22 17:00   
Does anyone have a vanilla save where this is happening? It is easier to verify a save that is ready to go instead of having to play to find the bug.
2017-11-25 02:35   
Save is available here, tested in vanilla .44.02: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13219 [^]

Welp. I never had the chance to test Patrik's claim before, but it's definitely not in effect in this version, assuming it ever was (accidentally leaving obisidian specificed is the cause I suspect ).

Of three testing setups (no details ordered, stone detail ordered, stone detail menu entered and cancelled), the second one proved this bug still exists in 44.02.
2017-11-29 13:28   
Thanks for the save.
2018-03-05 13:26   
Update, discovered some fuckery that MIGHT be related to this. Custom reactions don't like certain things:

[2:20 PM] Chaosvolt: Um. Ummm.
[2:20 PM] Chaosvolt: @ZM5 halp. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/173908541088858113/420314677822881793/unknown.png [^]
[2:20 PM] ZM5: wh
[2:20 PM] ZM5: what'd you do
[2:21 PM] Chaosvolt: The game doesn't seem to get that I should be able to choose materials for both the metal AND the log I'm having it use as a handle.
[2:21 PM] ZM5: oh(edited)
[2:21 PM] ZM5: huh.
[2:22 PM] Chaosvolt: Yeah it seems that the details menu is ioncompatible with custom reactions allowing metal or stone. Which is odd, because for the hardcoded rock weaponry you can TRY to set the stone but the end result would be wooden spears.
[2:25 PM] Chaosvolt: Maybe it's just not liking the use of reaction classes...
[2:25 PM] Chaosvolt: Or material reaction product.
[2:31 PM] Chaosvolt: ...nope. Removing [REACTION_CLASS:PICK_MATERIAL] still doesn't let it apply details to the metal. Likewise, I recall from prior experience because excluding less-knappable rocks that the "stone arrows" reaction didn't seem to care about whether I was allowing all boulders versus only certain sorts.

Basically, whereas the hardcoded rock weapons will let you try (and fail) to set the stone used, custom reactions involving rock or metal just seem to fail outright at giving details.

This is weird given the OTHER hardcoded rock crafts like mugs can get the details menu correctly.