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0009963: Rescued Prisoner Goes Ballistic And Kills Everyone When Reunited With Loving Father
So I rescued a prisoner from within a Dark Fortress shortly before killing their demon leader. After successfully defeating him, I brought the prisoner on the long trek back to his home to meet his father, Gil, in the keep within a large city. As soon as they made eye contact, they both yelled for one another as if they were reunited, then Tirin (the prison) became hostile to everyone and ran away to go kill someone nearby. Clearly this is not an intended behavior, and I have no idea why it's occuring, but it can be repeated.
Download Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12343 [^]

Walk Tirin (light blue companion) into the building after daybreak.
He will immediately shout out to his father, run away, then and attempt to murder the daylights out of the nearest person. Lovingly
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duplicate of 0009935confirmed Detros Rescued prisoner becomes hostile when reunion 
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