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0009977: Cave and Saltwater Crocs (and probably every other tame animal.) refuse to hurt enemies further, after they damage their legs.
"My World" save was created back in 42.05 version of DF, but was ported to 43.0X, while "Savage World" was created as completely new world in 43.03 (Latest Starter Pack). I have also slighty modded main raws of the game to remove skill rust, and wear of the civilian clothes (which made intelligent creatures naked, unfortunately.).

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12378 [^]

This link also contains modified raws, so you can just copy and paste them in the main raws, if the game crashes.
1st. Locate croc chamber. (In "My World", croc chamber located one level above the dining room, hotkey F4. In "Savage World", croc chamber located at farming/food production level, hotkey F2.)

2.Use DFHack command spawnunit, and spawn troglodyte in the croc chamber. Or you can release some weak animal/humanoid from the cage into croc chamber.

3. Probably, that's all. Crocs will attack wild animal/humanoid, but they'll stop hurting creature after they tear at least one leg.
Small note: Cave crocs (My World) were trained for war, so you maybe will need to add [TRAINABLE_WAR] or just [TRAINABLE] tag. Saltwater crocs (Savage World) aren't trained.

P.S If someone already reported this kind of problem, then i'm sorry. Google said nothing about such bug.
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Looks like this bug is not (kinda) actual for 43.05. I've downloaded Barebones WinDoze Pack, and tested if it will be same **** as before, but Saltwater Crocs actually killed subject, and keeped hurting subject even when she (subject) received leg muscle wound. Unfortunately, i can't say same about War Cave Crocs, not only they don't kill enemy with damaged leg(s), but they also lightly tap the target, like they're sparring. Conclusion: Seems like war animals are broken at the moment (Both 43.03 32-bit and 43.05 64-bit.). This must be fixed, cuz animals is one of most important aspects of the game (IMHO). It somewhat similar to the bug below this note.

Bug: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=7541 [^]

2016-10-05 13:30   

First of all, sorry for such aggressive necro-posting, but i did some research on this problem, which may be valuable to Toady. Secondly, i updated the save file on repository. Reason why this bug happens to me (and maybe some other people) is because it's looks like the game switches level of conflict. Arena testing showed that if you spawn crocodile and humanoid, with "Brawl" mode, crocodile has really high chance of "lightly tapping the target" instead of actually tearing target's muscles, and to quote wiki "NPC brawlers will not attack someone on the ground.", which basically is my exact problem. Looks like level of conflict also influences bug 7541 (dog scratch instead of biting), because dogs in "Brawl" mode (i actually used giant dingoes when i arena-tested level of conflicts, but they have scratch attack too, and they also only scratch in "Brawl" mode and don't even trying to finish enemies lying on the ground) don't bite at all, while in "No Quarters" or "Lethal", they use bites and scratch very rarely. There's also very strange thing. In Arena mode, brawler with damaged leg will keep fighting until other will not be lying down too, while in Fortress mode, lying brawler will not attack standing brawler at all. He will just crawl aimlessly. As i said in note above, this bug doesn't affect regular (read: non-war/hunting animals) animals on 43.05, but it will affect war/hunting animals even on 43.05. If Toady is already working on this issue, then i'm sorry for necro-posting (again) and being annoying.
2016-11-01 08:33   
I apologise if i too am partaking in this habit but it has relevance to a independent bit of research and issue i posted myself. Im shocked how similar the findings are, though i had no idea it was reproducable in arena mode to propely show the intended vs deviant behaviour and didn't think to method test that way.

I have found evidence for brawling separately here from the OP's set of data because initially on dwarven sites (the map area of a player fortress etc) [ETHIC:KILL_NEUTRAL] is sanctioned only, meaning that they will only engage wildlife/neutrals with brawling first, until it is escalated by use of a physical weapon, biting is a 'lethal' weapon so they use fistfight behaviors surrounding brawling instead.

> (0010059: Wild site animals have the same morale ethics [Kill_Enemy Neutral] as entity units if in the same local settled area): http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=10059 [^]

Crawling/heavily damaged animals (as you more fittingly describe) are ignored further without kill orders by military dwarves, even in the case of rhesus macaques stealing objects, the dwarf will refuse to strike because the animal adheres to the dwarven code of conduct without a explicit kill order by the military.

The rules differ on other sites, more aggressive races kill first and ask questions later with [ETHIC:KILL_NEUTRAL:ACCEPTABLE] or above, and summarily the wildlife wont hold back on you or other neutrals (semi-sapient cavern dwellers etc) instantly promoting the response to lethal.