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0010309Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2017-10-17 05:532017-10-17 06:12
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Product Version0.43.05 
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Summary0010309: Occupation behaviours are active jobs - no breaks equal no relief for off-time & talking
DescriptionJobs such as pondering, 'socialising', and praying are false idle activities that timesink the dwarf into continuously 'working' restricting them from making relationships around them and fufilling needs such as family & friends for the constant pursuit of fufilling them rather than as a secondary goal.

A lack of break behaviour (removed along with parties from prior versions) also means that workshop orders will not be interrupted at all, and dwarves will work until they have a vital critical need to interrupt them, potentially with the right circumstances such as being a burrowed vampire with a infinite supply of resources to work with, indefinitely.

Both issues tie into one another as continuous jobs mean that it is difficult to pry away dwarves from need fulfilling activities without forcing them, in a difficulty experienced by other users. And they do not naturally break away from their work to visit occupation sites either leading to pent up & grossly unfulfilled needs that take long periods of time to fulfill.
Steps To ReproduceSet up a test fortress with minimum 5x5 floor wide occupational areas, prayer sites are enough but a tavern & a library at discretion or further testing. Prayer activities commonly count as active jobs despite having no job's text in the jobs screen, and will decrease the total amount of idling dwarves.

Very few relationships will form outside of the starting seven who had a marked advantage of talking to one another before they needed to fulfill their needs. Even if the occupation areas are 5x5, dwarves adjacent to one another will not converse ever adding credence its not a inactive activity as required to talk freely.
Additional InformationDrinking alcohol if not constantly for bashfulness modifiers does not make dwarves any more amicable towards forming relationships, as in a polar opposite of shyness they would be able to talk to any dwarf given chance even in a large room if correctly implemented.

Dwarves with access to alcohol at the wagon prior to occupation sites & busy jobs are to be seen making friends over a very short space of time and fulfilling their needs correctly (in a general sense, able to fufill friendship needs with each other) compared to later migrants to established fortresses.

The primary complaint of the bug report is that the prior code for talking has seemingly not changed between versions, and it breaks a important mechanic of the game within fortress mode made inaccessible exept in extreme setups & circumstances. Disrupting but not derailing the normal process of the entire game.
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