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0010423Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Generalpublic2017-12-05 16:162017-12-25 02:44
ReporterUrlance Woolsbane 
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Product Version0.44.02 
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Summary0010423: No Names for Historical Figures Raised as Zombies
DescriptionA bit of an odd one, this. Historical figures who die and are raised as zombies are referred to generically, e.g. as "a human zombie." I wouldn't have noticed anything was amiss if Toady hadn't mentioned that raids only use historical figures.
Steps To ReproduceGenerate a world with necromancers in it. Send your dwarves to raid a tower. Watch as they are ambushed by seemingly unimportant undead.
Additional InformationEnclosed is a relevant save-file, as well as the region's .xml: [^]

I confirmed the bug by searching for the human Are Datesparkle, whose animated corpse is the only one that fits the bill of one killed by the dwarf Ducim Lusterdiamonds (born in the year 90, killed in 250.)
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FantasticDorf (reporter)
2017-12-24 04:37

In issue report 0010468 civilians are also referring to each other in greetings to their creature name, abstract to the historical identity they possess. It seems relevantly similar to the lack of personification on these zombies who should also have identities where relevant.
Urlance Woolsbane (reporter)
2017-12-25 02:44

Most definitely. It also seems notable, as I mentioned elsewhere, that the "An unknown creature did X" bug does not always entail a lack of recognition on the part of NPCs. In one instance, I performed some music in front of a villager, then asked him how he felt. His response was "A short while ago, an unknown creature performed [musical form.]" I then asked him about myself, and he told me "A short while ago, *you* performed [musical form.]"

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