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0010534Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Generalpublic2018-01-18 18:052018-01-18 18:11
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Summary0010534: Historical figures spawned for civ-level post-worldgen site-control missions are not named or entity-tagged appropriately
DescriptionAfter the end of world generation, both civilization and site government entities can and do send out parties to reclaim, found or conquer sites. In my gameplay experience, these expeditions will often be led by historical figures that appear to have been spawned by the game for this purpose; in other words, they are "of unknown parentage" and their participation in an expedition is the first event recorded in their Legends Mode entry.

Most of the time, these new historical figures will have names that don't fit the naming standards of any extant civilizations. I will spell out those conventions here to minimize confusion:


*Dwarven civilizations favor construction-related and crafting-related names, such as Olin Limulumer--"Tongs Goldblush"; they will always use the Dwarven language

*Elven civilizations favor nature-related and "hippie-ish" names, such as Eliye Laliraneci--"Sky Smileleader"; they will always use the Elven language

*Goblin civilizations favor "evil" and horror-related names, such as Dostngosp Azstroguspra--"Cruelty Devilmatch"; they will always use the Goblin language

*Human civilizations appear to pick names entirely at random--Rosmic Jalthedle, or "Slaughter Footgorged" is an amusing example--but they will always use the Human language.


By comparison, both the names and the naming languages of these new historical figures appear to be random. Let's take a look at a few examples from the attached save:

*Claspdances, a post-worldgen hillocks founded by the dwarven civilization known as the Courteous Boulders. The mayor of this settlement is a new historical figure--the dwarf Stung Ostusmzon, or "Lesson Tailcolor." Despite being a member of the Courteous Boulders and no other civilization, Stung has a goblin-language name that follows neither the dwarven nor goblin naming conventions.

*Webtorment, a post-worldgen dark pits founded by the goblin civilization known as the Brass Horror. The only historical figure recorded as settling in this new settlement is another new historical figure--the goblin Lecit Karathetud, or "Gleam Heatground." Despite being a member of the Brass Horror and no other civilization, Lecit has a human-language name.
Steps To Reproduce1. Generate a world.

2. Play for an arbitrary amount of time in fortress mode or adventure mode.

3. Check to see if any civilizations have reclaimed, founded or conquered any sites while you were playing.

4. Look at the historical figures involved with occupying the sites in question, and check if they have weird names.
Additional InformationAs far as I can remember, this issue has been around since at least the 0.40.XX versions.

Save here: [^] Check Legends Mode for some examples of this bug.

Additional note: sometimes, a site government will reclaim or conquer a site, instead of a civilization. This issue also affects any new historical figures involved in those efforts, but since such h.f.'s are usually not members of any civilization, it makes more sense for them to have completely random names (compare with outsiders and bandit lieutenants).
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Huntthetroll (reporter)
2018-01-18 18:11

There is yet another wrinkle that affects only dwarven civilizations, which I previously reported at 0008779. When a dwarven civilization reclaims or founds a site, DF will usually generate a new historical figure to be the expedition leader. The expedition leader will also be affected by 0010534, but will *not* be marked as a member of the civilization, despite leading an expedition sent out by said civilization. If encountered in adventure mode, the expedition leader will exhibit buggy behavior, documented at 0008779.

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