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0010547Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2018-01-31 18:512018-02-01 14:07
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Platformi7OSwindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.44.05 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010547: Animals that have a defensive position get stuck in that, never leaving the map
DescriptionAnimals like turtles, that can retreat into their shield, or pangolins, which can roll up into a ball have a strong tendency to never come out of their defensive position, like the giant tortoises stuck on the top left side of the save's surface map. Those tortoises have been faithfully blocking new animal spawns for over a decade now.

Before them there was a pangolin doing the same thing, curled up into a ball, until it died of old age.

Now it is manually fixable, by building cagetraps right under them. I did that to the first batch of tortoises 25+ fort years ago. They won't budge, and your dwarves will build and arm the trap just fine with the creature on top. they'll be captured as soon as the trap is armed with a cage. Even when you tame them, and move them into a pen/pasture zone, they will never come out of their shield again.
Steps To ReproduceEmbark on map that spawns animals that have a defensive stance, wait for it.
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Offending tortoises can be found in the north-west corner of the surface.
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