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0010578Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2018-02-15 15:232018-02-15 16:50
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Product Version0.44.05 
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Summary0010578: When 1 quester from a visiting group tries a hostile takeover of an artifact, rest of group turns "fake hostile".
DescriptionI had a group of 4 quester soldiers arrive on the map. After some time, 1 of them tried a hostile takeover ("You will not stand between me and Artifact!), and started firing arrows at my dwarves.

While this was happening at the fort entrance, the remaining 3 members of this group turned hostile in my tavern. Lots of "Interrupted by human axeman" etc from my dwarves, BUT they were not attacking anyone. Some random war animals and nearby soldiers were attacking these 3 questers automatically, but they never "returned fire" - their combat logs were 100% defensive (shield blocks and deflections, but no attacks back).

What makes this a bug is that either only the stealing dwarf should turn hostile, and the rest not, OR all of them should become truly hostile and attack my dwarves, instead of just scaring them off and not attacking at all in a weird semi-hostile state.

I have no save for this yet.
Steps To ReproducePresumably, get a group of questers arriving at your fort, and hope that one of them tries a hostile theft of artifact (when spotted upon sneaking, starts attacking the fort). Then observe rest of group.
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has duplicate 0010600resolvedLoci Infiltrators scare and attack citizens while pretending to socialize, etc. 

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Orkel (reporter)
2018-02-15 16:50
edited on: 2018-02-15 16:53

Small update: Had another case of this. Except this time, the other visitors attacked my dwarves, but in non-lethal combat (brawling combat).

1) Hammerdwarf visitor sneaks to fort - "You will not stand between me and Artifact!" and tries to kill my dwarves.
2) A swordsman visitor in the tavern turns hostile because of this. Dwarves get "interrupted by swordsman" messages.
3) The swordsman starts punching people instead of using his sword.
4) My military automatically kills both the sneaker, and the tavern swordsman visitor, in lethal combat.

The only attacks the swordsman did, were non-lethal punches. He never used his silver sword. The sneaking hammerdwarf fought like an enemy, using his weapon.

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