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0010601Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2018-03-04 14:312020-06-23 14:34
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PlatformPC - 64 BitOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version0.44.05 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010601: Pit traps inside kobold caves are impossible to climb out of
DescriptionThe pits filled with traps inside kobold caves cannot be climbed out of, even by a legendary climber.

The walls are all generic rough-hewn cave walls, you are able to climb up 1 z level but any further attempts to go higher will be met by you losing grasp and falling down/remaining 1 z level up.
Steps To Reproduce>fall down kobold pit trap
>don't die to the traps
>try to climb back out
>fail to climb back out
Additional InformationLinked is a save with this occurring, my adventurer is perfectly healthy at the bottom of a pitfall and has legendary climbing.

Other people confirmed the issue with this save.
I don't believe the drowsiness/hunger/thirst is relevant, as it occurs even before they appear. [^]
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chaosvolt (reporter)
2018-03-04 21:45

Probably the best behavior would be for there to be tunnels allowing access to the pits. After all, what self-respecting kobold would allow delicious loot to fall into a hole you can't get the shinies out of?
Shonai_Dweller (reporter)
2018-03-04 21:52

Or ropeladders?
OK, sorry. Back to the forum...
Ziusudra (reporter)
2020-06-23 14:34
edited on: 2020-06-23 15:35

This sounds to me like a possible duplicate of 0008543.

Edit: Confirmed. Loaded up the save. The last time the character woke they were stunned. Couldn't climb. Used dfhack to reveal the surface and flashstep to it, walked off site, waited for 1 hour, walked back, flashstepped back into the hole, climbed out.

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